The Festivals of Champagne, France

By Alisa Marie Coccari Published in The Arizona Republic News, March 8, 2013. The word “champagne” generally conjures up thoughts of the effervescent wine. But this sparkling libation gets its name from the region in France where it is produced from grapes that thrive in its chalky soil. Just northeast of Paris and close to … Continue reading

LONDON CALLING | Things To Do in London in a Day

By Alisa Bowen Published by LIVESTRONG, February 27, 2013 London is calling–and you have only one day to discover its rich history and cultural jewels. Historical and enigmatic, this sophisticated capital city is bustling with culture, dining, shopping and entertainment. With a bit of preparation, you can seize the day by mapping out your must-sees … Continue reading

PARADISE FOUND | The Watercolours, Grand Cayman

Published in Real Life Magazine By Alisa Bowen Paradise Found You have arrived; welcomed home by the private valet ready to attend to your every whim. You step out of the car into the handsome porte cochére with its elegant white herringbone patterned stone design. Jazz music dances in the background, piped in through a … Continue reading

How to Design a Colonial Room

Published by the San Francisco Chronicle, February 6, 2013. By Alisa Bowen Early American colonists settled along the Eastern seaboard with only the basic provisions for establishing a new life. From the 1600s through the Revolutionary Era, they built simple, comfortable homes utilizing the natural resources from the abundant landscape: wood and stone. Designing a … Continue reading

PIED-A-TERRE | Old New York Fuses with Paris

Published in Home & Design Magazine, January 2013. By Alisa Bowen Photography by Giovanni Photography It is only natural that a couple who has lived in major international cities, including Paris and New York, would want to keep an elegant pied-à-terre in paradise together. Inspired to re-create a Pre-War style apartment, the owners wished to … Continue reading


Published in Real Life Magazine By Alisa Bowen Objects of Desire Tacori handcrafts exquisite jewellery for every occasion. Like people, every piece of jewellery has a story to tell; whether carefully handed-down generational heirlooms, tokens of one’s affection, timeless promises, celebratory milestones or special tributes – all shine with many facets of symbolic meaning, personal … Continue reading

AMERICAN LEATHER | Contemporary Leather Designs

Published in Your Home Magazine, January 2013. By Alisa Bowen Leather is timeless. Conjuring up classic images of cozy relaxed moments, where you can put your feet up for sheer comfort and be rest assured (no pun intended) of its durability. Paradoxically, it is sumptuous and soft – yet robust and resilient in its strength. … Continue reading

COFFEE CULTURE | Lost in Translation

Published in Good Taste Magazine, Cayman Islands By Alisa Bowen Coffee Culture | Lost in Translation One of our writers, Alisa, giggled so hard she nearly emitted her cappuccino foam up through her nose in a coffee shop when she overheard a rushed business woman emphatically demand her order to the barista: “Give me a … Continue reading

THE SUN ALSO RISES | A Sunbrella Material World

Published in Your Home Magazine, January 2013. By Alisa Bowen Photography by Sunbrella Endless days of searing sun and tropical heat, mixed with the relentless humidity and inevitable rainy season, require smart design for outdoor rooms and sunny sanctuaries. Fortunately, for those living in the sun a new era of all-weather fabrics have pitted beauty … Continue reading

THE MIDAS TOUCH | A Pure Gold Rush of Color

Published in Your Home Magazine, January 2013. By Alisa Bowen The Incas referred to gold as the tears of the Sun; while Homer, in the “Odyssey,” makes mention of gold as the glory of the immortals and a sign of wealth among ordinary humans. Throughout time, the color gold has always lent a rich elegance … Continue reading

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