The Festivals of Champagne, France

By Alisa Marie Coccari Published in The Arizona Republic News, March 8, 2013. The word “champagne” generally conjures up thoughts of the effervescent wine. But this sparkling libation gets its name from the region in France where it is produced from grapes that thrive in its chalky soil. Just northeast of Paris and close to … Continue reading

LONDON CALLING | Things To Do in London in a Day

By Alisa Bowen Published by LIVESTRONG, February 27, 2013 London is calling–and you have only one day to discover its rich history and cultural jewels. Historical and enigmatic, this sophisticated capital city is bustling with culture, dining, shopping and entertainment. With a bit of preparation, you can seize the day by mapping out your must-sees … Continue reading


Published in Home & Design Magazine, January 2013. By Alisa Bowen Photography by Michael McVay There is the art of living, and then there is learning to live with art. It is a refined talent of curating one’s own collection, picking and choosing what stays and what goes. When a Midwestern couple purchased a high-rise … Continue reading

AN ARTIST’S JOURNEY | Caribbean Artist Hannah Cook

Published in Real Life Magazine By Alisa Bowen Artwork by Hannah Cook Dreaming of the Blues, (2004), acrylic on canvas. “What dreams…” she muses, roused by the rising Caribbean sun, then smiles and serenely slips into a daydream. Cayman artist Hannah Cook’s life, like her art, is dominated by dreams: her constant companions, they punctuate … Continue reading

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