Published in Your Home Magazine
By Alisa Marie Coccari

10413049_sJacques Cousteau aptly mused, “The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” The colors, the sounds, and the smells of the coast are just breathtaking—there is nothing quite like it. On the clearest of days, turquoise blues and aqua paint the surface of the sea. Accented by a crisp sky, these hues have inspired countless coastal décor schemes. One glance at the sunlit sand, dunes and shoreline of swaying sea grass and you will instantly be inspired to color your home with coastal tranquility. By introducing this serene color palette into your interior design, you will feel transported to the water’s edge every day.

To set a classic coastal style, mix beautiful warm wood floors and furniture, with crisp whites, linens, watery blues, and sea glass greens. Think of the color of the sand, and highlight your room with chairs covered in linen accented by playful beach-themed pillows.  Consider the serenity of the cerulean sea, and incorporate this peaceful hue onto your walls. White sofas, linen and wood furniture will instantly pop against this coastal blue painted backdrop.

Benjamin Moore paint featured in:
St. John Blue, Hidden Cove and Hope Chest

Welcome the shore indoors with seashell chandeliers, mirrors, driftwood or decorative boxes encasing a nostalgic seashell montage on-display. Sea glass green vases or table lamps will continue the theme while adding sparkle and light to a table. Accent this pleasing palette with touches of silver with picture frames, hurricane lamps or with intriguing antique finds staged in bookcases or on end tables.

 Photo Credit: Peach Tree Designs, Naples Florida

Further beachify the living space with casual upholstery and soften up the room with comfortable area rugs in these cheerful hues. A hand-hooked geometric rug design will enliven a living space, stand out against polished wood floors, and create a welcoming space.

Photo Credit: Peach Tree Designs, Naples Florida

Coastal icons such as lanterns, oars, paddles, and even fishing rods become works of art when painted in eye-catching sea glass shades.

Photo Credit: Peach Tree Designs, Naples Florida

Mingle groups of furniture in various sea glass colored upholstery to add design interest. Blues and greens are color wheel neighbors, complementing each other in an infinite number of combinations. Flank sea grass woven baskets next to sofas or chairs and fill them magazines and books.

Complete your design with tropical palms, blooming orchids, and fragrant candles and welcome the serenity of the sea to your home oasis. Make waves this summer with ocean-inspired texture, an ethereal palette and feel the relaxing calm of the seaside lull both your home and guests into the splendor of classic coastal elegance.

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