THE MIDAS TOUCH | A Pure Gold Rush of Color

tristan sofaGOLD RUSHPublished in Your Home Magazine, January 2013.

By Alisa Bowen

The Incas referred to gold as the tears of the Sun; while Homer, in the “Odyssey,” makes mention of gold as the glory of the immortals and a sign of wealth among ordinary humans. Throughout time, the color gold has always lent a rich elegance in jewelry design, fashion and interior design. Decades have rolled into complete centuries, which evolved into various golden eras, whereas pure gold leaf was painted in homes’ gilded crown moldings, window casings, opulent doors, and in expansive frescoed wall murals. Around the globe, homes have been decorated with golden threaded tapestries, upholstery, golden-hued window treatments, rug designs and opulent shimmery bedding. And today, it is more evident than ever that gold is a classic and here to stay.

gold lamps

This past year, the price of gold has surged, gold jewelry is hot and trendy again, and it is making its way into the home in a golden way. (Do we sense another Golden Age?) When you want to add a touch of warmth and sunshine to the interior of your home, gold paint is an ideal solution. As you plan where to use gold as part of your interior décor scheme, examine the space, and choose complementary colors that will allow the paint to have a high-impact without being overpowering.

gold 3

Wallpaper is an elegant choice to transform all your walls with a brilliant golden glow; paper one wall in the room if you don’t want to cover every wall such as with the crackle or diamond stripe wallcovering designs by Cole & Sons.

gold 4

Even small elements painted gold can brighten up a room. When your home has a relatively subdued color palette, you can use gold paint to add bright pops of color to accent pieces such as a chandelier, elegant cocktail table or picture frame. You can also infuse a room with accessories that shine with a golden finish, such as a framed mirror, desk or table lamp, or a decorative vase, which can give a room the gold effect you are aiming for without being too overpowering.

Gold complements many other colors; gold and black are bold and dramatic; gold and purple are regal; and gold and blue or green combine for a fresh, summery look. Curtains and cushions in gold fabric add luxury to a room; look for soft furnishings finished with a glittering gold thread for a soft, shimmery look. Gold is timeless. Gold is rich, adventurous and priceless. In this Olympic year, it’s time to go for the gold!

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